Finger puppets help ease pain young hospital patients’ pain

The Loops group created more than 160 finger puppets for young patients in Halifax Hospital in response to a Facebook appeal. Theiyana and Nillan (XXXXXX) also help every month by coming to Stouffville Creek  Retirement Residence and playing the piano for the Loops monthly music day.

I have mentioned our Loops group before. To refresh your memory, Loops is a group of men, women, girls and boys of all nationalities, shapes and sizes, aged six and up, who gather on Tuesday afternoons at Parkview Home to knit scarves for people who deserve to be honoured for their work in the community. This past spring we knit and crocheted squares for the people of Fort MacMurray after the wild fires that ravaged that city.

A few weeks ago, I noticed an appeal on Facebook for finger puppets for Halifax Hospital. They give them to young patients to alleviate fear and pain. Our team got busy, and thanks to Archie’s inventive nature, we have made more than 160 of these little puppets. We will continue as we know they will need more and more. I’m not sure what is more fun, the making of the little faces on each puppet or the play acting that ensues. Some of our teens have even helped us.

I have included a picture as I’m sure it is difficult to see how precious these are. I love to imagine the small patients playing with these as they are being treated. As you can see, we help Santa.

Anyone is welcome to join us. We start at 4 pm and finish at 5:30. It feels good to be together and to be helping someone.  Some of our members knit with other groups in Stouffville, giving to those who need warm clothing or little knitted animals that go in gifts for children in other countries.

Diane Ward was Whitchurch-Stouffville’s Citizen of the Year in 2009. She is past president of the Markham Fair and is the consummate volunteer, having involvements in numerous organizations and initiatives in Town.


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