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Ugandan children’s choir finds hope here in Town


By Diane Ward, Stouffville Free Press

I was privileged to attend the most fun, amazing children’s choir and drumming group from Uganda. This choir comes here each year, many venues are offered, but it seems to be a secret. When I was at the concert at the Free Methodist camp on Vivian Side Road on a Friday evening  there were only about 40 others. It is a free will offering and they have crafts for sale.

There is a minister and his wife from Uganda who bring 14 young people with them to sing, dance and drum in colourful costumes. The money they raise goes back to their home with them, and it feeds 200 children in an impoverished neighbourhood along with offering an education. They are given hope for their futures along with love and joy.

It is a much sought after trip for everyone as they love being here and are proud of their heritage. They are full of joy as they sing, dance and drum for us. We had an opportunity to ‘adopt’, or financially help a child. If you visit:,  the web site which is donated by a business man here in Ontario, you will learn more about them.

Look for them in the community, the show is wonderful and your support means so much. The only other way these children would go if they were not being helped by this group is as child soldiers for one of the radical groups who offer food and lodging. We must give them more hope than that. The children have returned to Uganda, but will return in May or June next year. We must watch for them as the show is so wonderful you will fall in love with all of the young people. Imagine living in a dump, finding food and shelter where you can and knowing you may be there until you die until you hear of this project.

The smiles and excitement to meet us and talk to us was infectious.




Paying it Forward in Lemonville

Samir came to Lemonville over a month ago to look for a place to pray. He found warmth and love here. Samir and his wife Teresa are from Sudan, a terrible place to live now. A little while before Samir came here to Lemonville, he was at home when a lady asked his wife for directions. She had parked her car at McCowan and Vivian Sideroad and had walked for three hours coming out of the forest on the south side of the valley. Samir offered to drive her all the way around to her car as it was so far to walk.


After Samir told Saje his story about a granddaughter still in Sudan, that he has been working very hard to bring her here to Canada, she told him her story. She was born in Newmarket, and was living in Vancouver. Her Mom just died and so she came to stay with her dad.  Her job for the past several years had been trying to rescue women and children from Congo. She has all the connections – Doctors Without Borders, United Nations etc. She would help Samir. I know God placed Saje in Samir’s life to help him.

Do you know how blessed you are to live here?




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