From the Heart Feeling the Loops Love


From the Heart

Feeling the Loops Love

When 250 people get together to celebrate wonderful people in the community, you know you will have a good time. And that’s exactly what happened at the recent Orange Scarves of Caring third annual evening held by the Tuesday Loops Group.

When teachers nominate students because they are such giving caring young people, you know those students will go a long way in life. Students Marshall Maskery of St. Brigid’s Catholic School and Emma Harvey of St. Brendan’s Catholic School were so nominated.

When organizations nominate a special someone who volunteers many days a week, you know they are loved. Luke Blommesteyn told us about his grandfather who grew up in the Netherlands in war times with a very touching story, and he won a $250 gift certificate donated by Stouffville Creek Retirement Home for his composition.

You know it will be a fun evening when donations of desserts were given by the Loops Group, Reesor’s Market and Bakery, Cobs Bakery in Aurora, the Purple Onion (which beautifully laid out the dessert table), Velvet Sunrise Coffee Roasters and Metro Grocery Store. Space was provided by Parkview Village. It was a real community event.

Orange scarves are given to nominees and are made by the Loops Group. Only at an event like this can a nine year old Thieyana Ramanan nominate Santa Claus and give a very touching nominating speech. Archie Dagg, AKA Santa was moved as we all were. Kris from Parkview nominated Eric Banville who gives so generously, Margaret Therence for helping so many at Parkview, and Kevin Ker, David Mills, and Joely McEwen for the Guinness record breaking music concert.

Pavan Rajagaru, a teen who lives in Markham and gives so much to the Golden Years Club of Stouffville, was also awarded an orange scarf. A moving moment came when Ruth Burkholder gave a scarf to Sharon and Barry Doner in memory of their kind generous dad Don.

Clara Chiavatti’s work at the Stouffville Community Gardens was acknowledged with a scarf. As I dislike orange, I was given a plaque with a quote from Ghandi and a knitted Blue Bird of Happiness pin. YOU 177 do programs at the Library, gardens, Loops and Stouffville Creek and all are based on the idea of community building.

York United Way and Trillium Foundation helped make the event possible.

Sikh Fund Raiser an Inspiration

At a recent dinner in Markham held by the Sikh community honouring the 350th birthday of Guru Gobinder Singh Ji, the 10th Guru, I was one of 13 Whitchurch-Stouffville residents who were among the 800 attendees. The dinner as a fund raiser for Markham Stouffville Hospital, with $237,000 being raised.

We learned so much about this fine group. Did you know the first Sikhs to come to Canada arrived in Vancouver in 1888, and since then they have always helped support the communities in which they live.

Their teachings include the value of earning an honest living and the importance of sharing what you have. They believe that we are all from one God and that meditation is important to our wellbeing. They teach that we are all equal and that we must serve the down trodden.


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