High Energy Wellness Guru advocates healthy lifestyle


High Energy Wellness Guru advocates healthy lifestyle


Dolly Bhatia-Frolick offers personal training options including  Bollywood Dance,  Zumba, Martial Arts and family yoga.

By Kinjal Dagli-Shah

Dolly Bhatia-Frolick is a woman who wears many hats and gets creative with all of them.

Her company, Frolick Fitness, advertises her motto: We’re serious about having fun. Under the broad umbrella of women’s personal training, Dolly offers an array of options from her home studio in town – Girl Power workshops for teenage girls, Fusion Fit classes for women, Bollywood dance, Zumba, martial arts, family yoga and more.

If you run into Dolly, you’ll find her energy contagious. “I am a life-long learner. I learn and then I feel I have to teach and share it with the world. I spent 20 years in corporate marketing, of which I spent the last 10 obtaining certifications in nutrition, wellness, personal training, group fitness, and martial arts, all while working full-time and raising our kids,” said Dolly, adding, “Eight years ago, I moved to Stouffville, and created a home studio in the basement of our home. I started teaching Bollywood classes to women and kids and came to be known as DollyBollywood.”

Her multiple interests soon began surfacing, and it was time for a change once again. “After becoming a registered yoga instructor, I realized I was limiting myself to just Bollywood and Yoga when I had extensive knowledge and expertise in other areas of wellness. Classes started filling up as I offered total body workouts with Fusion Fit classes for women and teens. In 2014, I put all my wellness and fitness services under one name and Frolick Fitness was born to the Stouffville community and surrounding areas,” explained Dolly, a mother of two teenage children.

Last fall Dolly sustained a serious arm injury along with auto-immune and hormonal dysfunction. It was then that her own health became an issue as she was out of service for five months. “It was a low moment in time, and although I wanted a full-time job to contribute to the family income, I really did not want to go back to a 9 to 5 job. The universe listened, and I became my own client, helping myself heal with daily yoga, strength training, kickboxing and of course dance.” She knew her body was ready when she was able to do a handstand with the healing arm.

For Dolly, the road ahead is full of possibilities. “Every client is unique. Some need more fitness, some better eating habits, others require yoga for stress management or building up strength and power. At age 48, I want to be an inspiration to other women and teen girls to become stronger, fitter and happier with their bodies. You’re never too young and never too old to start to make fitness a part of your everyday life and have fun.”


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