Kindness, a cold night and our unchained Mayor



When it was decided that the Mayor’s chain of office should not leave the Town Offices, a few people in Town felt the Mayor should be given the opportunity to wear a chain when he is representing the town. The Mayor goes to schools and the children love to see the beautiful chain. They ask about it and learn more about the town. When the Mayor is at many other functions, residents are thrilled to see something that represents their town. So medals were donated and supplies were bought to make a beautiful blue chain of office with gold chains and medallions on it. It is essential that residents learn more about how their town works and perhaps how they can help. Civic pride can be important to community building, therefore creating a strong town. These people wanted to show support for their community and community building.


Act of Kindness

On Valentine’s Day, I was in a store when another customer came in with flowers for the sales person. She explained that she knew Bev Kovach needed a little extra love as this is Bev’s first Valentines after losing her husband.  The customer is Emma Jefferson and she did this wonderful thing to help Bev know she is appreciated and loved. I asked if I could share their story as this is what we need more of, sharing stories of kindness. Sometimes it only takes a smile.


Coldest Night Walk

 I was lucky to volunteer at the Coldest Night Walk at East Ridge Church on a cold, windy evening in February. The Coldest Night is a cross Canada organization to help the homeless. A hundred and fifty six walkers came to either walk two or five km. Some paid $25 for the privilege, others collected money from sponsors. There were those of us lucky enough to be inside with registrations and then those wonderful people who volunteered to stand outside as marshalls.  The mood was a joyous one where everyone seemed glad to be able to pitch in. I have enjoyed asking people how much they thought Stouffville had raised and most guessed anywhere from two to seven thousand dollars. All were astounded to learn the $51,000 figure. Stouffville you really do care! Not all volunteers were from our town. They came from many places, bless them all.

Many churches in our community support ‘out of the cold’ programs. Lemonville United Church collects clothing and cash for Street Health. Over the years, we have sent thousands of dollars and vans full of clothing. Marg Cunningham bought some socks from a vendor in the lobby of Markham Stouffville Hospital to put in the donation basket we have. When she told him who it was for, he took extra socks and put them in the package and did not charge her the full amount. I don’t know how much money this gentleman makes selling socks at the hospital but his generosity is enormous. Even those who struggle to make ends meet are willing to help the community knowing there are others who are not going to make it without help.

By Diane Ward

Stouffville Free Press


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