‘Off to Great Places’ as School Begins


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‘Off to Great Places’ as School Begins

A momentous moment is waiting to happen this September. The moment when both my kids step outside the comforts of our home and into the vast world of a classroom.

As my 6-year-old starts her first year of grade school and my little one begins kindergarten, I feel the kind of nervous excitement I felt when… nothing like it before. Having both my kids in an independent setting is as much a first for me as it is for them so I don’t have a precedent to fall back on. No experience to give me clues on how I will feel or what I must do except that I know the world will stand still for a few minutes as I wish them luck and a love for learning as they begin their milestone years in academics.

A first for the four people in our family to all be in different places during the day! While Daddy goes to work and Mommy holds the fort at home, Big Sister will be in a new school for a language-based program and Little Brother will be at his school, trying to navigate the world of peers and pressures.

A first for Mommy to be able to take a shower in peace, or take a phone call without the usual wails and screeches in the background. A first also to be able to write without a thousand interruptions, although I’m sure the breaks provided creative impetus.

A first for Big Sister to start over, make new friends and meet some old ones. A time to get used to a bit of homework, to prep her brain and backpack for more.

A first for Little Brother to experience not being the baby. An opportunity to grow more independent and nurture his interests; a time to be his own person, stepping outside the guiding shadow of his older sister.

A first for Daddy to wonder where time flew as he worked the hours away. A time to watch the littles grow up and come back with tales of the world outside.

A first for our family to pause and reflect, to celebrate and feel blessed, and to hope that each one of us finds moments of fun and friendship, learning and laughter.

As the great Dr Seuss has said:

“You’re off to great places.

Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting,

So… get on your way!”



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