Pantomime Reunion Slated for Christ Church


Pantomime Reunion Slated for Christ Church

Veteran performer recalls 20 years of hilarity

From left to right, Wayne Feasby, Vince Parry and Charles Parker incited audiences to riotous laughter over the 20 years that Christ Church presented its critically acclaimed pantomime.


By Wayne Feasby,

Acclaimed Pantomime, Christ Church

They say you can never go back.  But to that I say, Oh Yes We Can!! Audiences voiced the same thing over 20 years and approximately 80 performances of Pantomime at Christ Church – unless of course it became apparent that I was about to sing, in which case the cry from both the audience and cast was a resounding Oh No You Can’t!!

I am the Rodney Dangerfield of music, I get no respect.  Not only did the Panto provide me a venue to display my vocal prowess and acting talents, it also gave me the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of my role model, Charles Parker, the original Christ Church Dame and script writer.  Of course I routinely improved the script in every show I was in, and was a much prettier Dame!

But enough about me.  We had great villains, singers, actors dancers, back stage help, and most importantly, tremendous audiences.  Audiences that participated with gusto, booing the villain, cheering the hero and occasionally helping me with my lines or providing an opening for clever repartee with all in  attendance.

Want to relive the experience?  Curious to know what impact the Christ Church Panto had on the developing minds of the youth that participated?  Want to compare who was the most evil villain, Vince Parry or Peter Markle?  Join us on March 25th in the Great Hall of Christ Church to reconnect with many who grew up with the Panto, on stage and off, and are returning as adults.  And there will be a few of us who some would say have not grown up at all.  Whether involved on stage, back stage, or in front of the stage in the audience, all are welcome.   There will be photos and videos of all 20 Pantos, a few of our favourite skits will be re-enacted and some of the best songs performed.  No tickets required.  Will I be singing?  Join us and see.



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