Stouffville Whistled for Guinness Glory in 2007


This Guinness World Record Certificate adorns the wall of the WhiStle FM studio here in Stouffville.

While an assortment of musicians has set out to cop the Guinness World Record for Longest Concert by Multiple Performers here in Stouffville, it wouldn’t be the first such accomplishment for our town.

On June 30th of 2007 WhiStle Radio (now WhiStle FM) set a Guinness World Record for The Most People Whistling Simultaneously in a Single Venue. A total of 119 people gathered under the marquee tent at the Strawberry Festival, where they puckered up and whistled their way into the big Guinness book.

The late Halvor Moorshead, a member of the Board of Directors at WhiStle Radio, came up with the idea and the infamous Stouffville Super-hero, The Whisstler, put it all together. The Whisstler held preparatory pucker parties in advance of the event so that people could practise their whistling. “The Guinness people have given us a challenge, calling on a collective five minutes of whistling to qualify”, explained the Whisstler,” but I know the citizens of Whitchurch-Stouffville will not be daunted. We have the lungs, we have the tongues, we have the lips and we have the spirit.”

People of all ages came out to participate in the whistling. The youngest whistler was two years old. “Everyone had a wonderful time”, according to Kate Gilderdale, then Editor of the Stouffville Free Press and one of three official adjudicators. The Whisstler was identified as non-other than founding member of WhiStle Radio, Stephen Sword. The Guinness World Record Certificate now hangs proudly on the wall of the WhiStle FM studios here in Stouffville.

“It’s a little piece of WhiStle Radio and Stouffville History”, said Ivan Harris, member of WhiStle FM and whistling participant in the World Record event. “When the community of Whitchurch Stouffville comes together we can do really great things – even set world records!”

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By Brenda Masson


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